Announcement: “The Hospitality House of Jolysi” Site is Now Live!

That’s right, “The Hospitality House of Jolysi” now has its own site, where it will be published as a web serial novel!

You may have noticed that my preview chapters have all started with the time of a certain day, such as “the 4th day of the 1st month”. All my chapters start this way, and this not only indicates the day the chapter takes place in Jolysi time, but also the day in Earth time that the chapter will be posted on this new site, starting this coming January. The prologue will be posted on January 1st, 2014, and the story will start on January 4th.

For the moment, though, you can head over to for a quick look at the place as well as a note from the author (i.e. myself).

In the meantime, this blog will continue to be updated with announcements and news regarding this story, as well as other random things I like to talk about.

I’m definitely looking forward to see how this project plays out!

– Frank


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