NaNoWriMo: The Beginning

Prologue: History of the Land of Jolysi

A long time ago, the land of Jolysi was a large and prosperous land, populated by the three races of human, elf, and faerie. The humans had incredible physical strength, the elves had keen sensory perception, and the fae had wondrous skill in using magic. For many years, the three races lived together in harmony, intermarrying and forming tribes that had friendly relations with each other, all while living under the sovereign rule of the deity of the land, the great Eiyam, and his human avatar, the King of Jolysi.

However, the evil in the hearts of these beings stirred, and caused a division between the twelve tribes. This division eventually caused a conflict that grew into a war. Known as the Great Civil War of Jolysi, the war drove each tribe to form its own country on the outskirts of the land, while the center of the land became an abandoned wasteland. This war lasted for over two hundred years, until divine intervention forced the twelve tribes/countries to come to a truce.

For many years after the war, the land of Central Jolysi remained a no man’s land, believed to be cursed by Eiyam as a punishment for the war. The twelve countries remained hostile to each other, and no one traveled between countries, even neighboring ones. Then, twenty years after the war, twelve people, one from each country, were led into the land of Central Jolysi, where they worked to rebuild the homeland that the war had destroyed. Soon afterwards, the Kingdom of Jolysi was established. (The entire continent that includes the Kingdom of Jolysi and the other twelve countries is referred to as the Greater Land of Jolysi, or Greater Jolysi for short.)

It was during this time that the Hospitality House was established. Built in the center of the kingdom, it was intended to be a resting place for travelers going between countries. Of course, at the time no one actually traveled between countries, so the people of Jolysi also worked to improve relations between the countries and promote travels. Eventually, their efforts were fruitful, and while the twelve countries still are not quite as friendly as they were before the war, international relations are definitely much better now, and there are plenty of travelers between countries, to the point where the Hospitality House has instituted branch Houses around the country as well.

All this brings us to the present time, Year 053, fifty three years after the end of the Great Civil War of Jolysi, and thirty two years after the establishment of the Kingdom of Jolysi. During the 18th day of the 1st month of this year, one young man wanders his way into this land…

And thus begins my novel for NaNoWriMo, Hospitality House.

If you want to read more… well, first of all, you have to wait for me to write more. But I’ll be posting the entire first chapter here, as well as excerpts of future chapters. If you’d like to read everything I’ve written so far, please e-mail me at and I can give you the link to the Google Docs document that has all of that (once I finish the second chapter).

One thing’s for sure; this is going to be a fun month once again.


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