WCA Global Leadership Summit 2013 Overview, Part 1

Oh, hey. Didn’t think I’d update this blog, did you? While my anime blog continues to be updated, I will look towards updating this blog more with various thoughts, particularly related to writing.

For now, enjoy this first part of a series of posts about the WCA Global Leadership Summit.

I had the privilege of attending this year’s WCA Global Leadership Summit. Many of the world’s top Christian leaders come together to teach various things about leadership, and their messages are pretty much guaranteed to be extremely insightful. I will be covering their various insights one by one, for a grand total of 14 individual parts to this series, including this one… and yes, that’s quite a lot. (Over at A Series of Miracles, I will also try to connect each part with something from anime, if you’re interested in that.)

What’s nice about all of this is that, while the summit itself is geared towards leaders, it’s applicable to everyone. Much of this insight is Biblical (I’d contend that all of it is, even if I can’t point to a specific verse for each one), and is thus useful for all people. Not only that, but everyone will be called to lead in some way or another–for Christians, if nothing else, remember that Jesus calls us to make disciples of all nations; that doesn’t just mean converting people, but also raising up new believers into the full Christian life.

In fact, for this first part, it’s good to note what exactly a leader is. Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, one of the largest churches in the nation and the location of the GLS, opened the summit by talking a bit about what it means to be a leader.

Manager vs. Leader

What is the difference between a manager and a leader?

After all, the world has plenty of “manager” positions, which some might consider “leadership” positions. But are they really “leaders”?

When we think of a “leader”, we usually think of there being some kind of movement. We think of a group of people walking somewhere, and the person at the front of the group is the leader. That leader presumably has some idea of where the group is going and what direction to go to get there.

A “manager” keeps everyone right where they are and just makes sure everything is going okay at their current position. A “leader”, however, is trying to move everyone towards a new place; he/she is trying to get others from Here to There.

This is where “vision” comes in. Many companies and organizations have a “vision statement”. That vision statement is the There for that organization, and as long as that organization isn’t There yet, the organization’s leaders will be trying to get them There. Vision is an essential ingredient of leadership.

That said, once there is a vision, the real task of leadership takes place: convincing others that they need to get out of Here and to There, and then guiding them There.

We might not all be managers, but if any of us has a vision for the future and people whom we need to make that future happen, then we are a leader. If you’re interested, consider where in your life you could be a leader, then join me next time as I look at the rest of Bill Hybels’s talk on the importance of courage in leadership.


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